Paper Products….

My wife comes from northern Wisconsin and anyone who knows the area knows that is paper country. I think when you are born in that territory something is put into your DNA related to paper? Before I was married I usually went through a roll of toilet paper every month or so and a box of tissue would last at least six months. After I found my soul mate and got married that condition would drastically change!

Our first shopping cart as husband and wife was filled to overflowing with paper products. After almost twenty five years of marriage I am finally used to the fact that I am no more than three paces away from a box of tissue no matter where I am in the house. I make my monthly trek to Sam’s Club to get my twenty boxes of tissues to replace those used in the previous month. And then of course the toilet paper and paper towels require a separate trip 🙂 .

For the first forty years of my life I guess I never realized just how essential paper products were. Thanks to my hubby that has changed. Now I know that when you use a tissue you must always get at least two as you need to wrap the used tissue with an unused one. Then of course there is the SOP (standard operating procedure) for the other paper products but I won’t go into those details here.

So any of you who are thinking of getting serious about a girl from northern Wisconsin be prepared to equip your home with the “proper” amount of paper products. But that is really a small sacrifice to get attached to one of the Wisconsin beauties. I don’t regret that for one minute.

And the journey goes on…