Been Away for a while….

Sorry for not saying something earlier but I have been away from my computer for a while. Yvonne and I took a week vacation to northern Michigan starting  Labor day weekend. We spent three glorious days on Mackinac Island. It was simply wonderful to not see a single motorized vehicle for all that time. Even though I am deaf cars and such still make quite a bit of noise at least in my mind. In place of the cars and trucks were one and two real horse powered carts and wagons and then there were bicycles . I will be posting some more of those pictures soon on my InTheSlowLane blog.

Unfortunately during the trip I came down with some hip problems that currently make it uncomfortable to sit in my office chair so even though I am home the blogging will not be as frequent as I usually do. Hopefully this latest health episode will resolve itself soon. But it seems it does have the possibility of turning into something more serious. Getting old is hell but it sure beats the alternative. 🙂

And the journey goes on…