Memorable Quotes

Mahatma Gandhi

Whatever you do will be insignificant, but it is very important that you do it.

At first thought the above quote did not mean a lot to me but when I thought it out it is indeed has a great significance in my life. I often get somewhat depressed that there is so much suffering in the world today. The chanting of war has seemed endless in my lifetime. I was conceived by a noble man returning from World War II. Then there was the Korean war, the Vietnam war, the Iraq war and many other “conflicts” strung in between. War, death and suffering seem to be a way of life for us.

I also getting frustrated that there is so much need in the world today. There are so many who don’t know where their next meal is coming from. Even in the U.S. which is the most prosperous, at least from a monetary point, in the world today. There are those who are working two or even three minimum wages jobs just to keep their head above water.

Yes, some of this need is self inflicted; that is there are people who totally buy into the materialistic mantra of the marketing folks around today. They buy more and more things that aren’t really needed until their credit cards are drowning them in debt. I try to have compassion even for this group also but often times end up judging them for their behavior.

But there are also many many people who through no fault of their own just cannot afford the basic needs for them and their family. Some are drowning in bills associated with some previous healthcare event. I know that over half of todays bankruptcies are related to this fact.   I look out at the sea of people in desperate in of help and become very frustrated. Whatever I do will be very insignificant to the overall need. And that is where the above quote comes in. No, I by myself cannot make even a small dent in this need but if there are millions like me out there doing our little part then at least some of that need is fulfilled. So at Gandhi said it is very important that we realize that nothing we do is really insignificant if we are doing it with others like us.

So I try not to be disheartened about my limited contributions to easing the world’s pains. As long as there are others like me we are not insignificant!

And the journey goes on…