I Celebrate…Historical Centers

This is a new category post where I will talk about those people and things that I believe are truly right about the world today. Lately I tend to look back at things and always notice where we went wrong or where I believe we are off track. Always viewing the world with that attitude can be depressing indeed! I need to stop and celebrate where we get it right.

For this post I celebrate those people and organizations that help us remember our history. Of course this includes some of my favorite places to visit which are historical villages. Of course, Williamsburg Virginia is probably the most well-known but there are many others around the country. Some of my other favorites is Pleasant Hill in Lexington Kentucky and New Harmony Indiana. The federal government through the Parks services also does a good job. One of my favorites in that area is Bent’s Old Fort in Colorado.

From my experiences with young people today it seems that our history is not being taught in our schools as it used to be. Most young people are barely be able to name more than a handful of past presidents and then they can’t seem to attach a historical event to even those. Even less know much of anything about their ancestors from the past. Without this knowledge it is hard to really understand why some things are the way they are today. Without knowing these things we will likely jettison many things that will jeopardize our future.

We often only see our history when it is in relation to the wars we have fought. Historical content abounds for the Civil War, WW I, WW II. We know all the generals and the great battles that were fought. It is sad indeed that we tend to concentrate on when we kill each other rather than when we work together to make a better world. Let’s continue to celebrate our successes and not our failures that resulted in warfare.

And the Journey goes on…

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