A Life Lost..

Last Thursday there was an accident just down the road from our house. I live on a somewhat twisty rural road that has just too many people going too fast for the conditions. Sorrowfully a life was ended in this accident.  I have watched the young man of 24 years come speeding around that corner probably hundreds of times. I don’t know if he just liked going fast or if his life was so far out of control that he thought he “had” to go fast.  Either way that ended last week as he was speeding around that turn swinging out on the left side of the road his older Honda or Toyota  ran head on into a Ford F350 truck coming in the other direction. After the accident the speeder was lifelined to Indianapolis but died the next day.

It is truly sad to see a life ended in this senseless way. The young man had just begun living and to have it end so soon is totally tragic.  I don’t know if he left behind a family or not? Maybe even as tragic is what the 17 year old in the pickup that he collided with will have to live with the rest of his life.  Through no fault of his own he was involved in another person’s death. I really feel sorry for him and hope that this incident does not have a detrimental affect on his life. He was just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

It seems that maybe some of the other speeders down our road have slowed down a little bit.  But I’m sure as the memory of this tragic accident fades the speeds will increase again. That is a sad fact of life in today’s seemingly hectic world.

And the journey goes on….