A Healthcare Alternative to Obamacare….

jpg_drug801The Republicans in congress seem hell-bent on eliminating the healthcare bill passed by Congress in 2009. They say they want to start over again but don’t really say just what it is that they hate so much. Is it:

  • giving those who can’t afford even basic healthcare a change to get it?
  • preventing the insurance companies from declaring “pre-existing conditions” for wherever they don’t want to have to cover?
  • requiring everyone to have at least a minimum level of healthcare insurance the same way most States currently require auto insurance?
  • requiring that most of the money collected for insurance actually goes to providing healthcare?

The last time the Republicans had any suggestions for healthcare they did not cover any of the above things. Of course the first thing they would do is to consult the insurance companies as to how they would like to make changes. That’s kind of like the fox guarding the hen house. But they have suggested that before for the financial meltdown so I wouldn’t be surprised they did it again for this one.

Take a look at the article referenced by the below link to see where President Obama has invited the States to make improvements to the current legislation in their respective States. It is time for the Republicans to “put up or shut up” about healthcare. Just saying you are against something is not productive.


It depends on who is taking the polls on this topic as what they find. Some say the majority are against the current legislation but some say they are not. I personally am against the legislation because it doesn’t go far enough but I am hoping it can be added to later. I wander how many in the against column are like me? Like all polls it just depends on the question asked.  But to me even if the majority is against it  it can still be a “Tyranny of the Majority” issue. My moral code is much stronger than any political alignment.

But what do I know….

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