We Still Love our HHR….

As mentioned on a previous post we are getting ready to head off on a Spring Vacation through Maryland, Virginia, and probably a few other States.  So that means loading up our HHR with all the “necessities”. We bought the HHR for our Westerly trip in 2009 and have used it for several others since then. Pulling down the back seat makes more than enough room for even my wife’s luggage. She says she doesn’t know what the weather will be so she must take a little of everything. Our little HHR is just perfect for us at this time in our lives. We do get some stares now and then as some seem surprised that “old people” drive such a “cool” car.

I am anxiously awaiting to get on the road and break the usual cabin fever that got me down. Let’s hope the cherry blossoms are in full flower by the time we get there.

And the journey goes on.

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