At It Again…


The Republicans are at it again. All the presidential hopefuls are coming out in force to say how terrible Obama-care is but offering no solutions themselves. I guess they think they got the house back with this strategy so they think they can win the presidency that way too. They seem intent on giving insurance companies back the right to deny coverage for ‚Äúpre-existing conditions‚ÄĚ and taking away possible healthcare from those who cannot currently afford it. They seem intent on making healthcare a¬†privilege¬†for only those who can afford it and denying it from everyone else. The rest of the industrialized world treats it as a right, not a¬†privilege. Is denying healthcare to all but the privileged really what Americans want? If it is I am ashamed to call myself one.

Surely they don’t think they can get away with just¬†criticizing¬†everything President Obama does and not offering any alternatives. But, that is pretty much the only thing they have accomplished since re-gaining the House so I just don’t know? There is too much complaining about everything without giving alternative ideas in the world at a whole today. ¬†Is the U.S. becoming a country of complainers or will we get back on the track of accomplishing things for the common good? ¬†In my opinion it could go either way!

I will have more to say about this current crop of Republican wanna be President soon.

But what do I know….

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