Being Deaf Is Lonely…

One of my regular rituals is to go to McDonald once every month or two and get a steak & egg bagel for breakfast. I did that this morning.  I found a picture of one and included it here but it really didn’t resemble the one I got at the counter. Mine had the steak hanging out the right side of the begal while the egg and cheese were clinging to the left edge. 🙂 It has been a few months since the last time I did this. I always sit at a table where I can watch all the people ordering their food. Every time I go there in the morning I see the group of  about a dozen “old guys” sitting around BSing. They seem to have a good time in each others company. They sit at those same tables for a couple of hours. The cast of the scene is constantly changing as some come and others leave.

One thing this reminds me of is just how lonely being deaf is. I would love to be able to join the “old guys” after all I am one of them even though I don’t want to always admit that. I did try it once but when they found out I was deaf all the usual camaraderie just stopped. So instead of enjoying the group I actually caused it to come to a screeching halt!  I don’t blame the guys for this; it is just something that happens. Having someone different who requires some special attention is just something that they can’t handle. Especially during their morning BS sessions. Now when I go, like this morning I give them the usual “guy” nod of the head and head for my special table.

I cope with my deafness on a daily basis. But it can get awfully lonely now and then…

And the journey goes on.

2 thoughts on “Being Deaf Is Lonely…

  1. My wife is quite hard of hearing without her “ears” in, and not a whole lot better when her hearing aids are functioning.

    I can understand your feeling of loneliness. She can’t easily participate in any discussion from the back seat of a car or at a noisy restaurant.

    She’s been that way for 20 years yet I still get frustrated when I have to speak louder and slower. That is just thoughtless on my part. It isn’t as if she chooses to be 80% deaf.


  2. Yeah, I lived in that in-between world for several years. In some ways it was a relief to finally loose the last fragments of hearing as that is a very frustrating situation to be in day-by-day.
    Everyone has, or maybe should have, a handicap of one sort or another. That is what keeps us humble. I just deal with what the Lord gives me; both the good and the bad and deafness is not all bad. 😉 For instance I slept like a baby during all the booming thunderstorms last night.


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