About These Professional Tax Dodgers….

Am I the only one who is annoyed by those guys that have commercials on TV about helping you get out of your tax troubles? They sit there so stern-faced and say if you owe thousands of dollars in back taxes come see us and we will help you only pay pennies on the dollar. They seem to assume that they are somehow contributing to the public good by providing this service. In reality they are probably taking a pretty good percentage of the money legally owed in taxes.

All of us have a duty to pay our fair share of taxes to keep our government running.

  • We pay taxes for police and fire protection.
  • We pay taxes to ensure safe food or water.
  • We pay taxes for safe highways.
  •  We pay our taxes so that when we are old and no longer earning an income there will be help for us.
  • We pay taxes so that we can help out our neighbors when they fall on hard times.
  • We pay taxes so that when we lose our jobs there will be a safety net under us.
  • We pay taxes so that we can be protected from extremists and terrorists who want to do us harm.
When some among us shirk their duty to maintain our government then the rest of us have to dig deeper to cover their shortfall. So when a guy primarily motivated by greed gets on TV and boasts about helping tax dodgers get away without paying their share for all of the above it definitely gets my ire up! It is a shame that there is enough selfishness and greed around to keep them on TV.
But what do I know…