Just Practice

I ran across an old saying the other day that goes something like this

Your first wife is just practice for the real thing

Being that I am now over 65 and have been married to my first wife for more than twenty-five years I don’t much buy into that logic but it did get me to thinking about things being “just practice”. What if this life is just a practice for the next one which would be the “real thing”? I know to many that thought is kind of absurd but it does get some of us thinking.  Are there things that happened in your life that you would like to have been just practice and that you would have a second change to get it right? Personally I can think of perhaps hundreds of things that fit this category. So just for the heck of it I am inventing a new category in the “Off the Top” section of this blog entitle “Just Practice”. I am going to try to approach this topic with mostly a tongue-in-cheek attitude but I’m sure it will get serious in spots. Here I go.

The very first thing that comes to mind for me is that I would work harder at being more self-confident at an earlier age. I was at least into my twenties before I really thought myself capable of doing much of anything successfully.  A big part of my problem in this area was not having someone to be my mentor in life in this area. My dad, bless his soul, was just not one to believe in himself. Throughout my childhood he bounced around from one low paying job to another. He was a good man but just didn’t have any confidence in his  own abilities. For that reason I guess I didn’t either. I lead a pretty blue-collar existence and just didn’t have anyone I really looked to help me gain more self-confidence.

When I was tested for my IQ it was found to be somewhere in the 130s but that didn’t mean much to me then and there was no one around to help me appreciate the fact that maybe I had abilities that could be of benefit to myself or others.  I went to a very small rural high school and most of my teachers were very young women who were fresh out of college. But being totally intimidated by the female gender (another of my “just practice” posts coming up) I never thought of them as being someone I could talk to about my lack of self-confidence. My counselor, if you really want to call him that, was the agriculture teacher who I had almost nothing in common with so he never spent much time with me.

So, if this life is just practice for the next one I want to discover my self-confidence much earlier in the next one. Who knows what I might be able to accomplish if that is the case. Are there areas of your life that you wished were just practice for the next one?