Head In The Sand….

Most of my life I have prided myself of being aware of what is going on in the world. I often cite the words of Thomas Jefferson who said a democracy depends on an informed electorate.  But, much of my life has also been spent being a contrarian. I am always looking at the majority opinion on things and then looking at opposing views to see if maybe they make more sense.  Sometimes these two philosophies collide; I think that is what happened here. What I am about to say now seems to go against the very grain of my life but I am going to say it anyway.

Sometimes it is alright to stick your head in the sand

Sometimes it is just not worth the effort to stay informed about things. Sometimes for your mental health it is ok to just ignore the world.  I think that holds especially true for us seniors. We have paid our dues. Some of us have spent our lives trying to make the world a better place; trying to be our brother’s keeper. But there comes a time in our lives when it is best to let the next generation worry about such things and to head off into blissful ignorance. This seems especially true for those of us who leave no heirs behind. We don’t have to worry about our namesake’s future.

I seem to be in the beginning stages of sticking my head in the sand especially when to comes to the political realm. I no longer care to try find the truth in all the mud that is being slung about today. I just don’t care anymore.  I want to spend much of the rest of my life in some form of peace and tranquility. I don’t want to be upset day-in and day-out about what is true and what isn’t. Instead I want to spend my days planning for my next vacation. I want to spend my days doing what makes be happy.  At this time in my life I think I have earned a vacation from all the bickering in the world.

So here I am espousing the benefits of sticking your head in the sand. It is a peaceful place; not much going on down there. I realize I have to pull my head out once in a while in order to take a breath of the polluted atmosphere above the sand. But once I get my lungs full the soothing peace of the sand seems to call me again. I plan to spend more time in the sand as the coming years progress.

Meanwhile here I am back in the world jousting my personal windmills via this blog dreaming of spending a few more minutes with my head stuck in the sand….