If You Can’t Be Good….

If you can’t be good, be different. – April 29, 1928  Will Rogers

Can any of us really be good for any extended period of time? I don’t think so. So, that leaves just one alternative; being different.  All of us at times want to stand out from the crowd.  None of us want to be vanilla flavored.  Teenagers in particular go to extremes to be “different”. So much so that they end up looking and acting like all their classmates. That is the ‘catch 22’ of trying to be different when you really aren’t.  If everyone wants to be different then no one is!  Most grow out of their attempts to be different.

But for some like myself being different is a just who we are. We didn’t particularly choose to be different; we are just made that way. Sometimes we wish we were not so different.  Sometimes we wish we could just go along and be part of the crowd. Being different brings on some heartaches in life as well as joys. If we don’t fall in-line with their beliefs we are excluded because some organizations will not accept anything but total compliance.  Some say we are not ‘team players’ or maybe others just call us troublemakers; we just see ourselves as ‘free thinkers’. They might say”Why”; we say “Why Not”.

And then there is the physical side of being different.  This fact separates us from those around us. They would rather be around someone like they are, not someone different like us. They are extremely uncomfortable being around someone who is different. They are white and we are not. They are hearing and we are deaf. They are seeing and we are blind. They walk and we are in a wheelchair. They have a comfortable home and we are homeless. We scare them because we are different. They just don’t know how to act when they are around us. We somehow become a threat to them.

So it ends up that this is one of Will’s harder quotes for some of us. Many of us are different from those around us. Being different is hard sometimes.

But what do I know.

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