Don’t Get Consumed….

Today is a weird day. It only comes once every four years. So, I thought I would put out a totally weird post that I have been holding on to for some time. It starts with a quote from a not-so-well known person.

Don’t get consumed by all the negativity in the world. Lighten up once in a while  — January 11,2012  RJ Walters

Now I’m not getting a big head here (at least not too much) by quoting myself. I just thought this should be said by someone. It just seems so easy to get totally down with all the negativity that is around us lately. If we only concentrate on that this life wouldn’t have much joy. I pride myself in thinking that Will Rogers would have said this if he were around today. Do whatever it takes to lighten up once in a while. For me that means going off the wall, like with this post, once in a while.  Other times I accomplish it by simply sticking my head in the sand. Whatever is your thing to lighten up remember to do it on a regular basis.

While I am in this weird mood I thought I would also do a self-portrait.  The long slender thing to the left of my head is a pen. Of course that is a reference to the old quote that “the pen is mightier than the sword” and it costs less than a buck; you can’t begin to buy a sword, yet alone a million dollar bomb, for that amount today 🙂

Have an off-the-wall day today  because it will be another four years before you get this day again.

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