Albert You Are Safe, For Now…..

Source:  Cosmic Log – Flaw found in faster-than-light setup.

Months after researchers reported that they measured neutrinos traveling faster than light, they’re finding that the incredible result may have been due to a bad connection rather than a violation of Albert Einstein’s special theory of relativity.

A while ago I made a post about how scientists today disproved Einstein’s theory of relativity. It was reported that they had been able to measure the speed of a neutrino that was faster than light. According to Albert when things approach the speed of light they end up as pure energy. Well it looks like the scientists needed to kick their equipment as a loose connection caused an error .

Whenever my internet connection goes down, and it goes down quite frequently in my rural area, I usually give it a virtual kick in the pants otherwise known as a reset to get it re-booted. I haven’t had to do that with my new LCD TV yet but I imagine that day is coming as it is approaching warranty expiration. Maybe that is what happened to these scientist’s equipment? It get got out of warranty and therefore is going on the blink?

Why don’t they make things like the did in the “good old days”? That is a question I hear often especially from my wife and the other old people I encounter 😉  The good old days are always thought to be better than today. I’m afraid that is a result of “selective memory”. Sometimes we seniors just have the malady. I remember the good old days of the 60s and 70s when it came to automobiles. Looking back I would actually call them pieces of junk. We had to get a new car about every three or four years if you wanted reliable transportation.  Few cars in those days lasted more than 100,000 miles. After the car was a year old the repair season began. Usually it started with a new fuel pump, water pump, alternator or a number of other failures. Then came the exhaust and brake systems. The good old days were just not the good old days when it came to our cars. Cars are infinitely more reliable now than they were in the good old days.

I, as usual, got off topic here but that is one of the rights of passage into maturity I guess. Getting back on subject it looks like E=mC 2 is safe for now. But disappointingly that put the Star Trek warp drive back on the back burner. You were indeed a brilliant guy Albert but I hope someday to see your theory is proved wrong so we can get on with “traveling where no person has gone before……