Sea rise faster on East Coast than rest of globe –

Study: Sea rise faster on East Coast than rest of globe –

From Cape Hatteras, N.C., to just north of Boston, sea levels are rising much faster than they are around the globe, putting one of the world’s most costly coasts in danger of flooding, government researchers report. U.S. Geological Survey scientists call the 600-mile swath a “hot spot” for climbing sea levels caused by global warming. Along the region, the Atlantic Ocean is rising at an annual rate three times to four times faster than the global average since 1990, according to the study published Sunday in the journal Nature Climate Change.

With the above article and the fact and that it this is the hottest summer on record, I wonder when some of my conservative friends will finally admit that global warming exists? I’m sure some of them will not admit to it until there are no icecaps on either pole or until the ocean comes to their back yards. Since statistics show that 50% of the U.S. population live within 50 miles of the cost there are a lot of people who may need to find a new home in the decades ahead.

But, it just seems that many of my conservative friends just don’t trust anything to do with scientific discovery. Some of them refuse to admit that the earth is more than six-thousand years old no matter how much scientific evidence proves otherwise. They just don’t trust us scientists. I’ll bet some of them even  think that gravity is also a myth 🙂

But what do I know….