Good At Complaining But Not Good At Solutions….


devil“The devil is in the details” is a well-known quote that definitely applies in all this “fiscal cliff” talk going on recently. The congress in our version of government has the power of the purse. They determine where the money is spent and where it is cut. So, I find it strange that Mr. Boehner insists that the president and not him is responsible for identifying what would be cut from the budget in order to appease the GOP base. As mentioned in the article below Republicans do relatively well with the American people when they talk broadly about cutting spending, but they run into trouble when the conversation turns to the specifics of what they might actually cut. In other words they are good when it comes to complaining but not so good when it comes to solving. 🙂  Mr Boehner seems to be saying he wants someone else to do his job, or maybe it is really that he wants someone to take the blame. Here is an article and some words about that:

Source: Where are the GOP’s “fiscal cliff” spending cuts? – CBS News. The bigger problem is that Republicans refuse to make clear exactly what they want to cut in a  “fiscal cliff” deal. Telling reporters to look at an old House budget is not the same as making a concrete offer. CBS News asked a Boehner representative for a clear statement of what the House speaker wants to cut on Thursday. We did not receive a response.

Boehner’s supporters might argue that Mr. Obama has a responsibility to offer spending cuts, since Boehner has already made an offer on revenue. But that argument doesn’t hold up: While Boehner has said he is willing to accept $800 billion in additional revenue – a significant concession – he won’t say how he would get there. He says he would reform the tax code in part by closing loopholes and deductions, but he won’t say which ones.

2 thoughts on “Good At Complaining But Not Good At Solutions….

  1. I am not so thrilled with President Obama right now either. He seems too willing to let the old and the poor take the hit…regardless of what’s he’s said in the past. This phony change to the cost of living increases is a joke. It’s a deceptive way to “cutting” social security…the one thing that doesn’t contribute to the debt. He’ll probably back down on the tax talk too. AND, I’m willing to bet that all the tough talk about gun control will weaken by January and little will come of it. Hopefully, they can at least reinstate the ban on assault weapons but that should just be the beginning, there is much more that could be done about guns.
    Our leaders are letting down on both sides of the aisle and I don’t know what we can do about it except complain and send them angry emails.


    1. Me either Jane. Everything in Washington seems to be pretty messed up right now. I just wish President Obama would learn how compromise works. You are supposed to get something in return for what you give up. He doesn’t seem to understand that basic principle.

      I pray we at least get the assault weapons ban back. It will be interesting to hear what the NRA is going to say tomorrow. I suspect they are still surveying the landscape to see what would do them the least harm. We need to take it to them and Grover on full force in order to knock them both off their thrones.


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