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hateI want to add one further thought about fear while it is fresh on my mind.  There is another basic emotion that outweighs fear as being more destructive to any person or society and that is hate. What little hate I have been exposed to in my life truly scares me. It is a dark side of life that I don’t ever want to get to know on anything but a superficial level.

Every once in a while I will glance through my spam queue  on this blog to get a feeling of what the trollers are ranting about. Ninety percent of the time what they seem to say is based on fear or hatred at one level or another.  It seems that hatred is endemic in their lives.  I’m sure they expect me to hate them back for their mostly spiteful words they call me but in reality I try my best to do just the opposite. I pray that they find some peace in their lives and that their hatred does not consume them as it seems to do to so many.

It troubles me that so many people in this world seem consumed by fear, anger, and hatred. I believe that all three of these emotions are critically linked. Much of the feelings that probably start out as fear develop into anger and then finally caustically end up in hatred. I don’t believe that hatred is something that any of us are born with. Love and hate are choices that we make in our lives. Most chose some level of love but unfortunately some poor souls go the hate path instead.

It seems impossible to even begin to have a dialog with those who are driven by almost any level of hate. I just don’t want to be exposed to even the superficial level that I find in some anonymous comments.  If I thought there was even an iota of a change to ameliorate some of the hatred I sometimes see in that queue I might be tempted to begin a dialog with some of them but from past experiences I have found any attempt futile. That is why they automatically end up on the spam queue.

Fear and especially hate are such destructive emotions it is down right scary to be exposed to it. It is truly the dark side of life! I’m sure this post will bring out a few of those who are filled with hate. All I will say to you is that I love the person who is underneath that veil of hatred if only you would let him out once in a while you would see the world is not as dark or scary or evil as you are convinced it is.

These last four posts have been emotionally draining for me so I am going to try to stay on the light side for a few days. God bless all my readers, even those who are currently filled with fear, anger, and hatred…..

4 thoughts on “About Fear & Hate….

  1. Thank you sparing us the anger filled rants, R.J. You are so right that it does little good to rave and rant back and forth…it only encourages more anger. You always take the high road and consider all sides even when you disagree. That is what kind, intelligent, reasonable people do. That’s why we come back again and again to read “your” words.


    1. I don’t look at the rants very often myself. They, like most that accompany many news articles, are just too dark for me. I want to stay away from the dark side as much as possible. May the Force be with you and all of us. 🙂


  2. I find it challenging to hold in the Light those who rant in opposite to my beliefs. Their anger and fear seem so destructive to the powerless and innocent. I have to appreciate that I seldom see a RANT on the liberal side. Is it me and my perceptions? Thank you RJ for your consistency in providing a gentle voice to a myriad of subjects. Barb


    1. Thanks for the kind words Barb.

      Yes, I see the ranting primarily but not exclusively on the conservative side of the spectrum also. I think part of it is driven by fear. They see all the changes happening today and are striking out against it. By the very definition conservative means resisting or dreading change. Their world is changing and they just can’t seem to cope with it. I feel sorry for them in that regard.

      Liberals such as myself on the other hand tend to embrace change and recognize it as a normal part of life. For instance we are not fearful of the changing demographics as they are. They see a loss of power; we see a diversified society as a positive thing.

      Now before my more conservative readers chime in here, no I don’t think this description applies to all those labeled conservative. As with everything there are differing degrees of conservatives. Nothing is black and white as some of my conservative friends believe. 🙂


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