How To Deal With Anxiety….

AnxiousWhen faced with a challenge, whether you deny the problems it poses or dive in to solve them in a positive way may determine how much anxiety you feel overall.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, about 40 million Americans ages 18 and older are diagnosed with an anxiety disorder every year. To dig deeper into who may be at greatest risk, investigators from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign surveyed 179 healthy men and women and asked them how they dealt with their emotions and how their answers correlated with their level of anxiety in a variety of settings.

Previous studies hinted that different strategies that people use to handle emotional situations could impact how much anxiety they felt in general; those who tended to focus on positive ways of resolving difficult circumstances, for example, experienced less nervousness, tension and negative emotions compared with those who avoided challenging situations and suppressed negative and uncomfortable feelings. The scientists in the current study, published in the journal Emotion, wanted to explore the relationship further to see whether the more positive emotional strategy could offer more resilience and protection against anxiety than the suppressive approach.

Source: How You Deal With Your Emotions Can Influence Your Anxiety |

This was an interesting article. Of course if you have a more positive outlook on life you will be less anxious. Many times it takes years of studies to understand things that are really just common sense to some of us.  The problems with this approach is that it is hard to be positive about things in our country right now. Our government is totally dysfunctional to the point of breakdown.  We seem to be constantly bickering with each other over almost all topics. How can you stay positive while living in these surroundings?

One way is to just ignore it all and go on with a life of simplicity. As they say ignorance is bliss. 🙂  Ignore all the negative stuff and just live in your own private world of bliss and hope that all the bickering is just a passing thing. This idea is not new to me. Thoreau discovered it years ago and went off to Walden pond to seek his own simplicity. It took Thoreau two years to fully appreciate a life of simplicity. Timothy Leary discovered it in the 1960s and coined it “Turn on, Tune in, drop out.  His answer unlike Thoreau’s was freeform psychedelic rock music and drugs.

It is indeed true as stated above that our mental attitude about what is occurring around us has much effect on how we deal with it. I am trying to deal with my own anxiety by realizing as my hero Will Rogers taught me that “All Politics is Applesauce”. That term was Jazz slang of the period for nonsense. There is no one way to deal with today’s frustrations either personal or corporate. We just need to understand that  life can go on in spite of them.  Laugh it all off as it is a joke anyway.


  1. I think the root of the problem is that people don’t spend time figuring out who they are. They are who they want to be but not who they are. People fight against their internal self verses their true self. The constant conflict and confusion lead to anxiety and problems later in life.

    I wont even address the confusion between how we see ourselves and how others see us. That is another can of troubling worms that creates so many issues.


  2. robakers, thanks for the input. I’n not sure I really knew who I was until I reached my senior years. Before that I was just too busy with someone else’s (my employer) agenda to have time to contemplate that deep question. But some people, like my wife, just seem to worry and be anxious about almost everything.

    Yeah the difference between self perceptions and how others see us is quite an issue indeed.


  3. When I am faced with a new or challenging experience, my first response is usually to be worried or move straight to panic. After I have a chance to think the situation through, I can figure out a more positive approach.

    This is the polar opposite of my husband, and I have always suspected that if he would acknowledge potential problems, and do some of the worrying, I’d be able to relax faster and go with the flow-)


    1. Hi Denise, I think you and your husband are very similar to us. Whenever change happens my wife worries and tries to ignore it. Me just the opposite, I often race right towards it. Maybe I need to do some worrying to ease my wife’s anxieties. Thanks for the thought.


  4. i haven’t seen the news in a week while playing with my newest grandchild.
    Bliss is much better then worry 🙂


    1. I’m glad things are going well with that new grandson. That is one of the things I truly missed out on. I haven’t seen any TV news this week either, and just a glance at most others. I want to stay away from the politics, but that doesn’t mean that I can’t complain about other things 🙂

      Have fun playing grandma….


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