Being Made Irrelevant….

IndiaChina’s leaders never tire of saying it: Asian giants India and Chin

What would happen if countries in the same region started to trust each other? What would happen if they made in a priority to do  business together and to act in their self interests?  What would happen if they decided to try to solve the regions problem among them selves?  Those are questions that should strike fear in all the power brokers in Washington and elsewhere in our country.

China and India are regional neighbors who collectively have 2,700,000,000 people or about ten times the population of the U.S. If they decided to get along better and work together it could pretty much make the U.S. irrelevant in the world!

Maybe the only way to get us out of being policemen of the world is to make us irrelevant in world matters. That is pretty much the reason that Great Britain lost their super-power status. They were made irrelevant by the aggressiveness and innovation of the United States. If that were to happen for us we could join the rest of the advanced world in spending much much less on our military/industrial complex. We could then take that $5 trillion in the next ten years and use it to improve infrastructure and provide healthcare for all our citizens.

If China and India ever realize the power they have just by means of people we could quickly move like so many countries before us as “have been” world powers and in my mind that might not actually be a bad thing. In some ways this possible result is of our own making. We insist on getting all our “stuff” as cheaply as possible and to do that we run around the world looking for the poorest of the poor to make it for us. Bringing up third party nations just might serendipitously end up being our lasting legacy in world history. I know that is way down on the intended affects of our current actions but…

China and India have been growing economically at a horrendous rates during the last decade or more. As they grow they buy more and more of our ever increasing debt and even a little more of our U.S. made products. When they finally discover that the United States doesn’t have much to do with their prosperity any longer I suspect they will cut back drastically on buying our IOUs. I think that point may be coming much sooner than many realize. I just hope we can cope with that reality.

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