It’s Time For You To Leave…..


Two members of the liberal group Progress Kentucky have been identified as the secret recorders of a strategy session for the reelection campaign of Sen. Mitch McConnell of Kentucky, the top Republican in the Senate.

The Feb. 2 audio recording, which was leaked to Mother Jones magazine and posted online Tuesday, revealed plans by the McConnell campaign to go after actress Ashley Judd over her mental health struggles and religious views, had she decided to run against Senator McConnell. Ms. Judd has since decided not to run.

Source: McConnell secret tape: Liberal group blamed, but Ashley Judd still an issue Р

If Mr. McConnell was the patriot he claims to be he would see that his very presence is one of the primary reasons we have a totally gridlocked government. He would realize that it is time for him to bow out and give the next generation a chance. Since he seems incapable of those types of thoughts I hope the good people of my neighbor State make that decision for him.  It is time to throw off those radical wing-nut at the outer edges of both parties and Mr. McConnell is probably the biggest.

I am tending to put my hopes on the Centrist Movement that is just now starting up in this country. I refuse to believe that most of us are at the fringes of politics but by some strange occurrence that is where our current representatives are. Since both parties seem to have an abundance of this wing-nuts I don’t see much happening without another organization coming on the scene.

One thought on “It’s Time For You To Leave…..

  1. I’d love to see lots of the old foggies leave—-
    Lott, Palosi, McConnell, McCain, Reid. Just take the entire current leadership over the age of 70. They need to do like the rest of the country and retire so the younger generation can have a chance.


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