“Moral Leadership”…

leaderWhen some nation wants us to help ’em out they use the same old “gag”, that we should exert our “Moral Leadership” and, like a yap, we believe it, when as a matter of truth, no nation wants any other nation exerting a “Moral leadership” over ’em even if they had one.  — Will Rogers

Will it amazes me how eighty plus years ago you can tell us so much that we think is somehow new today. Moral leadership, yeah that is a good one.  I remember President Bush using those words over and over again to get us into some pretty deep troubles.  He would always say it is necessary for us to force democracy on every country in the Middle East.  Ok, so he didn’t use those exact words but that is what he meant.

As ignorant sheep all those yahoos in congress got in line behind his bravado. A trillion bucks in debt later they started to wonder just how valuable our moral leadership really was. Then came the Arab Spring where so-called democracies sprang up on their own. Anyone who is even a casual observer of U.S. history knows that a democracy must spring from within. Forcing a democracy on someone just doesn’t work. I hope we have at least learned that lesson for our money?

All of my conservative friends were so excited to see a democratically elected president in Egypt last year. So was I.  They were convinced that Egypt was just the first of many democracies that their president would be responsible for.  When I say democratically elected I certainly don’t mean a Democrat elected; they would never celebrate that.

But it seems the Middle East versions of democracy just don’t have the staying power of ours.  After just fourteen months they threw out their president and their new constitution.  It will be interesting to see what they eventually replace them with.

Getting back to Will’s quote above it is obvious that Mr. Bush did not invent the idea of moral leadership. In fact he is only the latest of a long line of conservative presidents who have touted those words. As Will points out moral leadership when you break it down is nothing more than sticking your nose in someone else’s business and that is seldom actually welcomed.  We are having some serious problems right now with that crew in DC but I can’t imagine we would embrace any “Moral leadership” from another countries leader showing us how to resolve our current situation.