All Those Damn Liberals…..

LiberalThe liberal media would have you believe that there’s nobody that looks like the people on this stage that have an R behind their name. And that’s just not the case,” said Oklahoma’s Shannon, who suggested that the party should stress its belief in limited government and personal responsibility, two values that he learned from his local African-American church.

Agness, the founder and president of the Network of Enlightened Women, argued that the GOP would benefit by tackling the problem of liberal bias in universities….. SOURCE: The Party of Old White Guys Changes Its Look |

Here I am poking fun at Republicans, when will I ever learn.

If you are politically inclined now is the time to move into the Republican party. Especially if you are a woman, African American, Hispanic, Gay, or anything other than old white men.  They are searching high and wide for anyone in those categories who shows even the least inclination to being a “leader”.  Just look at people like J.C Watts or Sarah Palin. In the Democratic party they would be nothing more than the middle of the group but as Republicans they were stars. One came via being a famous football star. The other being a beauty queen.  And of course we all know about that “B” movie actor.

I love the way they say they are trying to re-brand but continue with the same old rhetoric. “All those liberals out to get them” has been and continues to be their mantra during most of my lifetime.  They want to continue their hyper-principles when it comes to:

    • anti-immigration,
    • anti-gays,
    • anti-humanist,
    • anti-environmentalist,
    • anti- global warming,
    • anti-healthcare for all,
    • anti-this,
    • anti-that,

But at the same time they want to convince you that they have changed. They continue to blame all those  “liberals” for their problems.  If only those L’s  didn’t control our colleges, our media, and almost everything else in life the R’s would not be so misunderstood. They continue to blame everyone except themselves.

The big thing right now is defunding Obamacare. They say they are not against poor people having healthcare and that after they take it away from them by defunding Obamacare, somewhere down the road they might look at giving it back to them.  Somewhere down the road??? I would like at least one my conservative friends to tell me exactly what is it about Obamacare the frightens them so much? Are they afraid that once it is implemented it just might become as popular as Medicare which is even a truer single payer system?

Many of the base of the Republican party we are told are old white men. That fact seemed pretty obvious when I looked over the crowd at their 2012 convention.  With all those old white men are so much against Obamacare surely some of them opted out of Medicare?  But, strangely I have not found a single case of that happening. Even among the most radical of my senior friends.

I don’t want to be seen as totally partisan so I will soon be giving equal treatment to the Democratic party….