The Hawk’s Delimina….

His reasoning, according to officials who were in the room? He wants members on the record, rather than simply criticizing from outside whatever action he takes.

SOURCE:  Obama’s Syria strike decision aims to get Congress on the record – CBS News.

I made a personal vow to try to stay out of the latest saber-rattling from a U.S. president. After Mr. Obama’s strong words against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan it has troubled me to see him seemingly repeat the same mistakes. I just hope that when he does it is of a much smaller scale than his predecessor and doesn’t entangle us into another decade long engagement in a civil war.

After the WMD argument was totally proven wrong in Iraq the logic  from the Bush administration then turned to the fact that 10,000 of Iraq’s citizens (or some number such as that) were killed by the dictator. But we then went on to kill more than thirty times that many as “collateral damage” in the next decade. I just hope that this time around if it happens, and it looks like it most assuredly will, the death rate of innocents will be  drastically lower.

RoosterGetting back to the original purpose of the quote above I do salute the president for his logic of going to congress. It is well known that his most ardent opponents are very strong hawks when it comes to military action. They seem to have never seen a conflict they didn’t want to be involved in. So, they come up against the impossible situation where they either have to support the president, which is something that goes seems to go against their most basic nature,  or oppose the invasion action. They, indeed are stuck between a rock and a hard place 🙂 But, I’m sure they will spend the week strutting around showing how important they are because the president has asked for their permission….

What a bunch of barnyard roosters.  I must have birds on my mind lately….

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