Democratic Party Is Too Skeptical…

The current Democratic Party is too skeptical of business, too hostile toward wealth creation, and overly abusive of America’s most productive citizens—often because there are votes to be had by poking the rich in the eye. Yes, a modern economy needs regulation, but that regulation needs to be targeted and have minimal costs. Like a good physician, we want to fix the problem—because there are problems that need government fixes—without messing anything else up. 

— The Centrist Manifesto (Wheelan, Charles)

Some folks, especially my more conservative friends (yeah, I got a few), don’t think I criticize the Democratic party enough so I thought I would bring up a quote about them here and say a few words about it. Now, I realize that this won’t be enough for them but it is the best I can do right now.

As shown above these words are from the Centrist Manifesto which is the new party that I hope will someday bring some sanity back into our political processes. If I were to put a flag on myself, and I really don’t like doing that, I would now call myself a Centrist. I hope they become a very viable third-party or maybe even replace on of the two around today.

I spent thirty years in the corporate world in various middle management positions. The company I worked for was for years the largest in the United States. That is until those yahoos in government split them up into a dozen pieces. For the first fifteen years I felt a strong loyalty to them. I would never have purchased a competitor’s product. The last fifteen year due to cultural changes brought on by the MBAs some of that loyalty became tarnished. But I never lost respect for my employer and appreciated the compensation I was awarded. I have been on a pension from them now for thirteen plus years.  The pension along with Social Security allows me to live a pretty comfortable life.

So I agree with the statement above. The Democratic party is just too hostile toward America’s employers and even more hostile toward those who create wealth. I certainly admire those who started out with little means becoming wealthy due to offering a better product or service. Thank heavens for them or the American condition might be quite different. I wish my Democratic friends would get over their apparent contempt for people who are successful in their lives.

I believe that regulation is totally necessary to reign in  capitalist abuses as were evidenced even in my lifetime.  But, the Democrats just get too corrupted by their power in government and go overboard. Yes, we need government to provide for the general welfare of our citizens as stated in our constitution but many times the Democrats need to reign in their reigning in… if you know what I mean.

There is nothing wrong with becoming rich because of our contributions and the Democratic party needs to understand that fact. Inherited wealth, well that is a different matter for me….

More criticisms coming soon. 🙂

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