European leaders urge U.S. on Syria: Slow down

Syria 2Skeptical European foreign ministers on Saturday urged the U.S. to delay possible military action against Syria until U.N. inspectors report on last month’s suspected chemical weapons attack.

SOURCE: European leaders urge U.S. on Syria: Slow down – CBS News.

Will President Obama listen to some of the leaders of the other 95% of the world’s population and not rush into another war, no matter how limited he claims it to be?  Going it alone has cost this country too much in terms of our debt and what we have left spend on the “least of these”, let alone the lives of our young people. I know all the generals who are constantly whispering into his ears and got him convinced that the world is an evil place that we need to bomb to make it right.

When I voted for Mr. Obama in 2008 one of my dreams was that he would become one of my heroes in life.  Maybe even pushing Woodrow Wilson out of that top political space.  But of course that hope has long diminished. He just seems to be yet another president who mollycoddles our military/industrial complex in its rush to war. Wilson went to his death trying to make the first version of the United Nations into a true world governing body. I wonder what the world would be like today if he had succeeded instead of dying an untimely death?  I know my Republican friends for the most part hate the U.N. They see it as limiting the U.S. dominance of the world. They see it as giving others a say in world matter that they want for the U.S. alone. Of course that is just one area where I fundamentally disagree with them.

It is very likely that if, or maybe given history I should say when, we bomb Syria that the collateral damage will be several times worse than the original death count due to chemical weapons.  I just hope that it doesn’t end up like Iraq where it was several orders of magnitude higher. Like MLK’s speech of fifty years ago, I have a dream that someday all human life will be valued on the same level of importance. I dream that my country will encourage and support a strong and benevolent United Nations presence and then move into the background with moral support instead of bombs and drones.  But, given the power of this countries war machine I doubt that my dream will ever come to pass.

5 thoughts on “European leaders urge U.S. on Syria: Slow down

  1. Really, if you can find a service member who is excited about going to war in Syria- you might write their name down! My son is in the apsandbox right now and he is ready for 2014 to be here!


    1. No Janette, I don’t think there are many “grunts” on the ground who want to go into Syria. I don’t know where you got that idea? But, I’m sure the companies who sell the military all those million dollar bombs and drones are jumping with joy of the prospect of more sales/profits.


  2. “mollycoddles our military/industrial complex in its rush to war. ”
    This is where I get that impression. If you are talking private industry—then say it. The only people doing well in the middle east is wall street.
    BTW- My son is not a grunt. He is a well educated man. He serves his country- and decided to do so on 9/11/01.
    I think the President chooses poorly on this subject. At this point I am looking for something he chooses well in. Still, I would have never voted for McCain— so I live with my decision and vote.


    1. janette, you left off the words “another president who”. I don’t see how you therefore related that to soldiers on the ground wanting to go to war? The term “grunts”, at least in my part of the country, is given as a general term to the soldiers on the ground during war. I think the term comes from the fact that soldiers are meant to unquestionably obey orders and not think about them no matter what they are. They are supposed to “grunt” and then say “YES, Sir”. It has nothing to do with the education level. Genius or not you are expected to obey absolutely every order given to you no matter what you think about it. I am sorry that you are sensitive to the phrase I chose to use but I still hold that it is the most appropriate one to use here.

      On the mollycoddle issue, as the beginning of the phrase you left off. The president, and most members of congress, treat the military with excessive indulgence and that is the definition of that word. In the past you have agreed with that but maybe it is only a conditional agreement?


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