Across Egypt, piles of ash where church pews once stood


SOURCE:  Across Egypt, piles of ash where church pews once stood (+video) –

While we are meddling in the various civil wars in the Middle East, and aren’t almost all of them in one form of war or another, how do we choose which side we are one? It seems in Syria and Egypt the “rebels” are the extremists who are burning churches that are not muslim whenever they come across them.  How do we choose where to inject a few billion dollars to affect the outcome.

Mr. Obama is trying to make the case to drop bombs and cruise missiles on Syria to “punish” Assad for apparently using chemical weapons. But in the process he also wants to help the rebels get an advantage. But as I, and many others see it, by doing that he is actually choosing one extremist over another. What good does that do.

All of this choosing sides between bad or worse reminds me of my younger days when Mr. Reagan decided to help El Salvador and take down Nicaragua or maybe it was the other way around? I know we spent millions both above and below the table on those wars.  Ollie North who broke so many laws doing it was still considered a hero by many of my conservative friends.  Of course today both countries are considered our friends, that is if we really have any friends in that part of the world.

Wouldn’t it be interesting to see what would happen if we didn’t intervene in the affairs of another country and just let things happen. I know to all those who are so fearful of everything in the world that seems an impossibility.

But I’m just a simple guy so what do I know….