UPS drops health benefits for 15,000 spouses…

UPS 1In the case of UPS, the 15,000 spouses are husbands or wives whose employers also offer health benefits. This appears to be a case where they like the plan they have (they’ve opted for the UPS plan rather than their employer plan) and can’t keep it…..

And for the 15,000 who are affected, it’s a bit simplistic to say their options are narrowing solely because of Obamacare.

UPS didn’t say the law was the only factor behind its decision. And some health-care experts argue that businesses are using Obama’s Affordable Care Act (ACA) as a convenient excuse for continuing a long-term trend: straining to control the relentless rise in the cost of health benefits.

SOURCE:  UPS drops health benefits for 15,000 spouses. An Obamacare bellwhether? –

I’m sure all those wackos in congress, especially the top nut Senator Lee is screaming that this is yet another reason to un-fund Obamacare but to me this decision just makes sense.  If we insist that our private businesses have to fund healthcare instead of like most other countries in having government take on that chore then the employers should be able to play on an even field. I’m sure UPS, like their pay scale, gives their employees a pretty strong healthcare plan. Probably much better than many.  But if a person is covered by their own employer why should they be able to insist that they spouse’s employer bear the burden of their healthcare?

As the last paragraph in the quote says there are many who are using ACA as an excuse for something they would have done anyway. The relentless rise in the cost of health benefits will never be contained as long as we have such a hodgepodge of ways of addressing this issue.  Single payer system such as we currently have with Medicare and Medicaid is the only solution to this mammoth problem.  Until we learn that lesson from the rest of the world, and even from our own systems, we will continue to burden  our employers with an  expense that their foreign competitors don’t have.

Come on UPS, don’t hide behind Obamacare as the reason you did something you should have done years ago. Call it like it is and that is a management decision. For the most part I admire UPS for how they run their business. It amazes me how they can move packages to my door in such a short amount of time.  I also admire that they pay their employees very well. Blaming Obamacare for a good business decision just tarnishes that image.

5 thoughts on “UPS drops health benefits for 15,000 spouses…

  1. You are absolutely right, R.J. This is a practical business decision brought about by the exorbitant healthcare costs already in effect…not Obamacare. Common sense. Once again I blame FOX news and GOP diehards for perpetuating the fear of change to Obamacare. Just yesterday, FOX was spouting “polls show that the vast majority of Americans oppose Obamacare”. What a crock! Besides the fact that it is not even in full effect, this poll is another skewed attempt to scare people. How can we ever move forward if we don’t try? Problems will arise for sure….but none that are insurmountable. I, for one, am happy to try something new and hopefully better break the cycle of out of control costs, provide accessibility for everyone, and to lessen the burden and control of out healthcare from employers.


  2. Agreed. Unless UPS at some point stops spouses without health care from being added onto a family plan, I see a no harm no foul thing here in theory. the theory being that what if UPS offers the full cafeteria of services and the spouse employer does not. I mean, what if the spouses employer does not provide prenatal care and the wife is pregnant. then it’s not quite so simple, no?

    The obvious solution is to take health care out of the employment sphere, I mean, all employee health care is not equal. Perhaps they might be better off charging a higher price for “family” or spousal insurance and letting folks stay.

    Either way, I agree. this is not an Obama care issue but a business decision to cut and trip costs.


  3. Thanks for your thoughts Jane and Barbara. I just don’t understand why UPS and so many others want to put their business decisions against Obamacare?

    I have asked this question before but of course since my very conservative friends would never get past the first paragraph of any of my posts I have never gotten an answer. Just what is it about Obamacare that the radical right fear so much? I think one of the things that has got them so afraid is that when it is finally implemented people will actually like it as we seniors do with Medicare now. I think they see these times before people are actually exposed to Obamacare as the only time to thwart yet another socialist agenda implementation. If only they could come to realize that taking the healthcare burden off employers will make them more competitive and therefore generate more jobs. Some of them might even be beyond the minimum wage variety 🙂

    The Republicans absolutely zero effort to actually provide something that they think is better to replace Obamacare tells you reams about who they care about and it is not people without healthcare or those who go bankrupt trying to deal with the present system. Why can’t more of my conservative friends see that simple fact? As it is it appears to be nothing more than selfish greed that drives them. Is that the face they really want to put forward? At this point I just don’t know….


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