Roadtrip Nation…

Roadtrip NationRoadtrip Nation is a public television series and grassroots movement that encourages young people to hit the road in search of interviews with leaders who have defined their own distinct routes through life.

The search for eclectic individuals who have resisted pressures to conform and who have become successful by following their own paths is what drives Roadtrip Nation. This remarkable movement documents these journeys of self-discovery in a free-spirited, adventurous series that encourages people all across the globe to move outside their comfort zones and explore the world

SOURCE:  Roadtrip Nation | PBS.

I recently discovered a very eye-opening TV show on PBS called “Roadtrip Nation“. It is basically about how the producers gave groups of three teens a wildly colored bus and a camera crew to go with it. The kids were to travel America to seek out those who might inspire them. Looking back at my life I would have given almost anything to have had an opportunity such at this.

Too many of us settle for the safe and easy way through life. We simply didn’t take the time to try to discover who we really were or what is particular talents or passions we might have. The teenage years are often filled with confusion and sometimes turmoil. I was no exception. Hormones are peaking and  emotions are most likely out of balance which makes these type of life decisions even more difficult. As I have mentioned before, I went to a very small rural high school and my guidance counselor who was the FFA teacher thought everyone should be a farmer.  It made his job easier but the corresponding lack of leadership stifled my creative future. I just didn’t know the possibilities that could have been before me.

The people visited by these kids range from the successful Wall Street guy to  MIT scientists, to many artists who deem money just not important to them. I have since discovered that this series is in its twelfth season. I wonder how popular it is with the teens today. Do any of the guidance counselors around know of it? Even though these kind of insights into life are too late for me they still fascinate me. I hope there are many kids out there that watch Roadtrip Nation. It just might spur a future scientist, author, or many others…