Why You Should Pick Apple iOS over Android

2013-11-09_08-49-52Safety Android is the Wild West of phone operating systems. Stock devices largely come unprotected from attack. Sure, Google checks apps and viruses for malware on the Google Play store, but threats can come from anywhere – even via unsecured Wi-Fi locations. The phones are so vulnerable, in fact, that 32.8 million Android devices were infected with malware last year alone.

SOURCE:  4 Reasons Why You Should Pick Apple iOS over Android | TIME.com.

This article contains four reasons why Apple is better than Android. Yes, I know there are strict loyalties among both of these brands but when it comes to viruses and such that should fall by the wayside to some degree.  Android is much like Windows in that its source code is pretty much available to any nuanced hacker. That is why Windows produces almost daily updates to fight off yet another hack.  Apple on the other hand protects their source code as seriously as Coke does their formula.  Without that info hacking into an Apple product is almost like trying to decipher a well designed passcode.

It surprised me that Android had almost 33 million malware infections last year and there seems to be no uproar?

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