Helping The Poor – Reason 1

2013-12-12_12-10-451)      Jesus Calls Us to Help the Poor Jesus wants us to help the poor—without qualifications! He doesn’t command us to help just the responsible poor, the Christian poor, the likeable poor, the sober poor, or the hardworking poor, He calls us to love and help everyone—no matter what! I

t’s amazing how we’re quick to recognize that God loves us unequivocally, that His grace covers all of our sins, and yet we put so many stipulations on helping the poor. If we accept God’s infinite mercy in our lives but refuse to pass it along to others—whether we think they’re deserving of it or not—we’re the worst of hypocrites.

SOURCE: Stephen Mattson: 5 Reasons We Should Personally Help the Poor | Red Letter Christians.

On this blog I pretty much reserve my spiritual affiliations (or maybe afflictions) for Sunday posts. I am going to spend the next five Sundays going through a list of reasons from Stephen Mattson over at Red Letter Living about why we Christians should help the poor. I haven’t run across a more heartfelt list in my life.

Reason number one is that our founder Jesus calls us to help the poor.  We Christians seem to be readily able to accept God’s grace but very reluctant to do the same with each other. There should be no qualifications attached to helping the poor. Jesus didn’t stipulate which poor to help and neither should we.  There is good reason to call many who claim the Christian mantle hypocrites. This is perhaps the primary one.

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