A Pleasure To Be Shot By….

2013-12-30_13-42-53The one thing these old boys with a big navy are scared of, and that’s submarines. They are always claiming they are inhuman and not a civilized mode of warfare. It would be rather interesting to see published the names of weapons that are considered a pleasure to be shot by.    – Will Rogers, 30 April 1935

Of course submarines have been replaced by drones as being not civilized mode of warfare today.  At least that is what those who have been shot by drones say. Will was just not much of a fan of our war machine. I mimic him in that regard. Even in his day we spent too much on it but what we spent back then was utterly minuscule compared to today. Huge amounts of money now go to developing a more efficient killing machine. I see where the military now has an experimental laser that is drone mountable and when fired up can kill from up to two miles away.

Maybe the answer to all this kind of stuff is for each country to have their own versions of drones and the country that managed to kill more enemy drones would be the winner in that particular conflict.  That sure would save a lot of our young people who wouldn’t be given marching order into the latest conflict. And with all of us trying to take out enemy drones it would mean a perpetual demand for new and even more advanced drones. That should satisfy our capitalist requirements and keep our DOD budgets ridiculously high.

But I’m just a simple guy so what do I know….

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