wrestling“Went down last night to a world’s championship wrestling match. Us movie actors are advised to go there by our producers so we can learn how to act. It was a fine show, everybody enjoyed it, but wrestling managements are overlooking an extra big revenue, for folks would pay even more to see them rehearse with each other before the match.” – Will Rogers, 25 July 1935

This quote brought back a very distant memory for me. I can recall with I was about ten years old watching my grandmother yelling at the very small TV screen in their living room. She was very much into the Wednesday night wrestling matches. She had her favorites who she rooted for and all the villains got their share of her angry shouts. Grandpa would tell her that all that stuff was just made up and practiced before hand but she adamantly refused to believe that. 🙂

All my grandparents died before I became a teenager so it was nice to have this quick memory of one of them. Thanks Will.


  1. I remember my father watching the drama of women’s roller derby, maybe in the early ’60s. He’d be laughing so hard his body shook but there was no sound.


    1. So I am not the only one who was spurred with a memory because of Will’s quote. Grandma was certainly into wrestling in the 50s. My wife seems to have a similar fetish and that is watching cable news and all the stuff going on in Washington. None of that stuff is reality either it seems…. 🙂


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