Vacation For Freeloaders….

Unemployment insurance is a pre-paid vacation for freeloaders. — Ronald Reagan April 28, 1966

If ever there was one quote that distinguishes the present difference between the two political parties in Washington this is probably it.

Nothing else needs to be said….


  1. The last figures I saw showed 3 job seekers for every available job. Under Reagan’s theory, the “excess” two people are just not trying hard enough – to get a job that doesn’t exist. Let them starve or die: it is their own fault for not being white and rich.

    His attitude was heartless, unethical, short sighted, unChristian, and just plain wrong.


    1. I totally agree Bob and thanks for the backup comment. But sadly there are still millions today who treat the author of this comment as some sort of political god. How have so many lost their sense of humanity?


  2. I worked with unemployed people for more than 25 years. People would sit at my desk and cry because they had lost their job. There may be some people who treat unemployment benefits as a vacation, but they are the minority.


    1. Hi Donna, yeah I’m sure there are people who game the system to get unemployment benefits. But, I suspect there is a higher percentage of millionaires who hide their money in Swiss bank accounts to keep from paying taxes.

      I too have seen the misery of those who can’t find jobs. Shame on those who use a blanket to cover everyone they don’t agree with….


  3. Anyone who feels that unemployment is some sort of vacation – with insurance- is someone who hasn’t been unemployed.
    We need Jobs!


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