Pragmatism vs. The Silver Bullet Syndrome…

2014-01-29_16-33-57I know I swore off politics as a whole but that does not mean I can’t weigh in on some of the issues once in a while. 😉

The issue I want to discuss is the pragmatism of the president vs. the “Silver bullet Syndrome” of the Republican controlled House.  I must admit that I didn’t watch the “State of the Union” speech but I did see a few of the responses to it on the Internet.  It seems that the president is going to do piece meal what he can’t get the congress to do  in any form.

When the president announced that he would raise the minimum wage on all contractors doing business with the federal government there was a wave of rants that followed that “this won’t solve the problem as it is in the future and does not affect any present contracts”.

It certainly is true that this limited action won’t solve all our current jobs problems but at least it is a start. I am a pragmatist and I know that sometimes you just have to do something that you know will help but is not a total solution. Is there really ever such a thing as a total solution anyway?  It seems that our congress will not act on any solution unless it alone solves the entire problem, in other words a silver bullet.  But maybe that is because they know there is no  Lone Ranger or silver bullet and they don’t really want to do anything anyway.

2 thoughts on “Pragmatism vs. The Silver Bullet Syndrome…

    • Seems kind of silly doesn’t it. But maybe given that the leadership at their big meeting yesterday seemed to realize that the all or nothing strategy isn’t working for them we might just get one step forward for every two backwards. It is terrible to say but even that is progress!


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