A Little Inconvenience….

2014-01-30_08-21-23Officials in Georgia are on the defensive, trying to explain why Atlanta was so ill-prepared for a snow storm that gridlocked highway traffic, leaving thousands of students stranded in schools and on buses, bringing out National Guardsmen and state troopers to help with rescue efforts.

SOURCE: Who’s to Blame for the Atlanta Storm Chaos? – ABC News.

I know that snow and ice are serious things for our neighbors to the south but those of us who live in northern States are rolling our eyes when we see the massive problems caused by 30 degree temps and a couple of inches of snow and some ice.  We roll our eyes because that is just a normal winter day for us.  All that is required is to throw a little salt on the roads. That amount of snow does not warrant even dropping the snow plows down to the surface.

But even with the snickers I do have sympathy for the folks in Atlanta having to sleep in school gyms and spend hours in stopped traffic.  Here in Indiana we have been having wave after wave of -40 degree windchills that have kept me, a senior citizen, in-doors for days at a time.  I’m sure my neighbors in northern Minnesota and North Dakota are rolling their eyes at that fact.  I guess it is all relative. 🙂

But I am dreaming of that beautiful warm Spring day that I hope to see soon…

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