Here's To You Shirley…


Shirley Temple, along with Will Rogers were the mega-stars during the 1930s. They both brought a little bit of comfort to people during the Great Depression. Shirley died this week at the age of 85. She was a star both in her childhood and as an adult.


  1. My only sister was dressed up as Shirley Temple, I so wished to meet her and dance with her, glued to the tv screen to watch her many movies..There will never be the likes of such a wonderful human being, an ambassador and breast cancer survivor..Too bad other child stars don’t have a Mom & Dad like her parents were, they shielded her from many things todays tykes grow up to experience!!!!!!!!! Never a word on any scandal from the likes of Shirley Temple nor her 3 children, her husband who died before her adored her and her family was truly her rock and the loves of her life..I like to think her children will be like her a lot..but one never knows do they..Salute and GOD’S BLESSINGS TO SHIRLEY THE SWEETEST ANGEL IN HEAVEN NOW!


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