Don’t Take Life Too Serious…

2014-01-15_09-20-30Do the best you can, and don’t take life too serious. Will Rogers

This is one of my favorite quotes from my hero Will Rogers. He just had a way of finding humor at almost all situations. I try to emulate him in that regard. I often mention that much of what I say has a certain level of jest in it.  I just love pulling people’s chains because some just take life too serious.

Some of my readers and especially one who was once a frequent commentor seemed to often forget that. She took almost everything I post here with the utmost seriousness and her comments reflected that mood. It seemed when I was trying to smile she put a frown on my face. I guess I hurt her feelings with a recent reply and she has vowed to never come back.  I don’t like to offend people in any serious manner, after all I like my hero have never met a person I  really dislike. But if everything to you is serious then maybe this is not the blog for you. I kind of like to poke fun at almost everything! Some call that disrespectful; I call it not taking life too serious…

Maybe I should end every post with the quote above?  Will Rogers lived in some of the most serious times for our country. He made jokes about living during the Great Depression. Since he was one of the most famous during his time I think he got it right for most people. I hope I am taken the same way.  Yeah, some of my comments might seem disrespectful to some but just don’t take life too serious and you can see my underlying message.

Do the best you can, and don’t take life to serious.

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