The Gospel According To Who?

We all know the story of Jesus as recorded in the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John – four remarkably similar accounts about his life. What we don’t agree on is our interpretation of what he taught. I’m talking about the Gospel message that Jesus intended to be a guide for how we should live our lives, and to be passed on to others to help them understand what it means to be a Christ follower. Jesus shifted us from the law-based religion of the Old Testament to his radically new principle-based way of living, and it just makes sense that he’d choose to use a different style of teaching to do that. Parables and metaphors replaced rules and regulations but the downside is that it leaves the door wide open for a myriad of interpretations that make us wonder if we’re all reading the same Bible. I have to admit that sometimes I wish God would have just replaced the Ten Commandments with another set of stone tablets with a whole new set of rules carved into them. Things like “Don’t even think about being violent…ever.” and “Take care of the poor, even if it means reducing your standard of living.” SOURCE:  The Gospel According To Who? | Stephen Jarnick | Red Letter Christians.

3 thoughts on “The Gospel According To Who?

  1. RJ,
    I think you could write the New Testament Ten Commandments. That is a great idea. Why not? You can be the apostle of the New New Testament. Maybe some modern day Christians are looking for specific guidelines.


    1. Oh Mary, I am stunned by your confidence in me!! 🙂

      But we don’t need ten. Jesus gave us only two
      Love God
      Love Each Other

      As he said EVERYTHING else hinges on those two commands. He liked to keep things simple….


  2. Sometimes, I think that is the new problem with Christians in some churches. They do not see or recognizing that there is a world of need outside their church building. That is why I said that we might need new specific ” guidelines” of who is our neighbor in 2014, etc. I will keep thinking of the commandments or guidelines for the 21 st century.


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