Along Racial Lines….

2014-04-15_11-51-04Republican proposals, such as cutting food stamps and assuming the guilt of minorities and the mentally ill who are in jail, appeal to the rich, he said.

“Those kind of things just exalt the higher class, which is the whites, and they draw a subtle, but very effective racial line throughout the South,” Carter said. SOURCE: Jimmy Carter: Southern White Men Turn To The GOP Because Of ‘Race’.

I think that Jimmy Carter and I have something in common. As we have gotten older we speak our minds more than when we were younger. To me it is kind of like “If not now, when??” I don’t have many reasons to hold back many of my internal thoughts. I don’t have an employer who might see my words as a threat. In many ways I just don’t care at least to the degree I used to if I hurt someone’s feelings with my worldviews.  Some feeling need to be hurt in those areas.

Jimmy Carter was not that great a president. He just wasn’t decisive enough for his times. He was just too ordinary. But I now consider him one of the greatest ex-presidents of my time. He is a true Southerner. He was born and raised in the deep South. He, like another southern ex-president, speak their minds even when it comes to the racial attitudes in their part of the country.  Carter’s words above would have been scandalous if he had spoken them from the White House.  I suspect that many Southern States would have tried to impeach him if he did dare to speak them then. But those of us who have studied American history on almost any level know that the mass exodus in the South from the Democratic party to the Republican party in the 1960s was due to the hatred of the Civil Rights legislation enacted by the Democratic president. Much of that hatred still languishes albeit behind the scenes in that area of the country.

Jimmy Carter can now speak from his heart about such matters. I like to think that I do the same….