Waiting For Wife….


I had to clip this from a post of a friend on Facebook. One of the duties I didn’t know a husband had before I got married almost three decades ago was waiting for your wife. Shopping is just one of those areas where waiting is called for. When I go to a store I usually have a list of what I want. I find those particular things and then am ready to check out. My wife has a different strategy. She can spend 20 minutes looking at purses even though she has no need for a new one and doesn’t intend to buy one.  She could easily spend two or more hours in the store and leave with nothing. For that reason my wife and I seldom go shopping together anymore.

Another thing is that when dinner is ready she disappears for several minutes. I do most of the cooking for us and announce “dinner is on the table”. She usually comes in within a couple of minutes and then promptly disappears. Where she goes I don’t really know but I end up waiting for her while the food gets cold.

Waiting should be in some husband’s book of instructions to forewarn us naive suitors. They say patience is a virtue and you will need a lot of it waiting for your wife….



7 thoughts on “Waiting For Wife….

  1. You sound just like my husband!
    Well the explanation for the shopping wait time is easy. It is a wasted trip if all we do is pick up only what we came for. We are studying products, researching new styles and colors, comparing stores and their prices and brands, storing information for future purchases. It’s research We like to be “educated” consumers to buy the best products and save our husbands lots of money! No need to thank us….we’re programed for this function.
    As for the dinnertime disappearing act…no clue…must be personal 😉


    1. Researching for future purchases. Yeah, that is a good one. But I won’t tell my wife about it as she already has more than enough excuses. Thanks for the entertaining comment Jane.


  2. That’s “Janette” not me…you always get us mixed up.
    Besides I “love” Lowes and Home Depot! I would never be waiting outside. My husband and his neighbor friend tease me that they keep a special parking spot just for me for my frequent visits to do “research”. 😉


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