Some Resist Change; Some Embrace It….

2014-11-15_07-37-53“Quite frankly, a lot of it has to do with the strength of the Apple brand and how much merchants and customers love how easy the experience is. I’m not saying it’s changing the landscape overnight. But this has never happened with other mobile wallets.”-Denée Carrington, analyst, Forrester Research SOURCE: Apple Pay catches the attention of retail customers.

I have been personally reminded lately of just how adamantly some people resist change while others embrace it.  Some don’t accept even the simplest changes in their lives without serious complaints. The smallest changes can set them off.  And then there are others who are bored when nothing changes on a regular basis. They welcome change; they even embrace it.

Apple Pay will be one of those issues. It is a much simpler and more secure way of paying but it does require a change in how we do it. For that reason there will be some who rant against it. Apple Pay is just getting started down a long road of implementation. Only iPhone6 currently has the capability of using it so its coverage is somewhat limited right now. But as more and more people upgrade and more discover the ease of use of iPhones this payment method will move swiftly into the main stream.

I upgraded my iPhone last week. I had been using an iPhone 4 for three years now and was ready for the change. The new phone has some nice new features and some added capabilities for those of us who are deaf and the bigger screen is certainly welcomed for these old tired eyes. 🙂  One of the first things I did was to set up an Apple Pay account. Although I have not yet used it, it is ready to go.  I live in a small town with about the only retailer of any size being Walmart and since they are one of the ones who are currently resisting the change it might be a while before I use it on a daily basis.

The system Walmart and some others are promoting is better for the companies but not so much the customers so I kind of think  it will go the way of Betamax. For those of you who don’t know about Betamax look it up on Wiki. 🙂

Getting back to the title of this post, change is a serious topic for some of us. New technology by its very nature mandates constant change. Some, including me, consider that a good thing. There will always be that group of people who will continue to use their old flip phones if they even have a cell phone. Change is just so hard for them. That may also explain why some of us continue to support one political party who has abandoned anything helpful to us who are outside the 1% long ago. They hate change so they will stick with something even if it is more harmful than helpful. Change is hard stuff…

4 thoughts on “Some Resist Change; Some Embrace It….

  1. As the proud user of a “flip phone” I must interject another side of the change theory. While I am perfectly capable of change and using updated technology, I don’t actually “need” it all. Smart phones and their data plans are very expensive. I am not convinced that shopping with your phone as a credit/debit device is very safe yet. I would not rush to change to that yet. Being retired, I can use my home computer (new iMac desktop) for all my needs. I chose the more expensive one because it has features I like for easier viewing and a big screen to watch my Netflix on….TV size. The phone I carry is for “talking” and rarely used. But, that’s all I need.
    I think we should stay current to a point, remembering that change for the sake of change isn’t always a good thing. Change when it is needed and is affordable is a good thing.
    I always get a kick out of the folks (usually young guys) camping outside of Best Buy the night before a big sale to get the latest and greatest new electronic gadget. And, that’s fine if they can afford it. But, let’s not scold those who are more pragmatic in their changing ways….with age comes wisdom. Not sure if this translates to politics, but it just might. Be careful what you wish for, right?


    1. Oh Jane, I would never accuse you of being resistant to change. You are right that change for its own sake doesn’t make sense. Being a techie I have studied this process that ApplePay uses and it is very secure. Even more so than the chip card used throughout Europe. Even the government can’t spy on what you are buying. 🙂 It uses your fingerprint to make the transaction and even the retailer doesn’t have your credit info.

      An iMac desktop?? That’s nice. Yeah they are more expensive but well worth the price for quality and ease-of-use.

      We travel a lot, or at least we used to and having a smart phone and iPad makes traveling so much easier. Don’t have to worry about maps, can make hotel reservations without the hopping necessary to find one with a room, and always know what restaurants are in the area.

      But if all you do is an occasional call then a cheaper flip phone is as you say the right one for you. No scolding here from me on that….


  2. I tend to agree with Jane. It is not that change is bad – I love my smartphone and Bluetooth speakers – but as a society we are too often obsessed with change for change’s sake. Planned obsolescence is how our economy grows, but that doesn’t mean it is always the best approach.


    1. I agree Bob. As I said in the response to Jane, change for its own sake doesn’t make any sense. Yeah planned obsolescence is how our economy continues to grow. The iPhone 6, which I love, has only been out a couple of months and already there is massive speculation as to what iPhone 7 will do… Doesn’t make sense to me…


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