Beam Me Up Scottie….

2014-11-26_09-08-20Ferguson has been dominating the news lately. Especially after the grand jury decisions. This post is not going to be about that except to say that needlessly taking another life is as tragic as all those lives lost previous to that young man. I thoroughly support a police officers right to defend himself and that is what the grand jury decided.  The way to defend himself is the matter of this post.

The point is that there should be a logical alternative to using lethal force against someone who you feel threatened by. That is especially true for our police officers who keep us safe. Reaching for a lethal weapon should be the last alternative, not the first one.

It seems that since the first episode of Star Trek was shown more than forty years ago we have come pretty far toward actually implementing many of the technological advances dreamed up in the series.  No, we haven’t got a teleporter yet, that’s the one I am waiting for, but we have accomplished much in other technological advances. One thing that is totally doable today but is being held back by an obsession is the phaser. You know the one that Kirk almost always said to set on stun.

Since we seem to have appointed ourselves as the policemen of the world we should be inventing new technology toward doing that job right. Why do we need to kill someone who may be threatening physical abuse on us? Whey is it necessary to take a life in order to preserve our own? I kind of think the total reason for it comes from our obsession with guns. If we found killing another person was as tragic as surely God does we would leave our weapons on stun and only use the kill setting for imminent death situations.

No police officer, or anyone else for that matter should have to decide within a split second to take another life when there are logical alternatives available. If we were able to disable someone attacking us without extinguishing another living soul I”m sure most of us would take that option. A taser is a good starting point but is just not that accurate and must be used close up. How about a laser guided wireless taser? We can laser guide our bombs so why not a temporary disabling beam?  I know the NRA would fight it as taking away our constitutional right to a “real” gun but isn’t it about time we told them where to stuff all their opinions. We have needlessly killed enough young men, especially it seems those of color….

Beam me up Scottie, or at least put our weapons on stun…..


2 thoughts on “Beam Me Up Scottie….

  1. Always the dreamer, R.J.
    While it’s probably within the realm of possibility, can you imagine the potential for misuse of such a weapon? Criminals would get these tasters and commit crimes with impunity and not fear the danger of a bullett. Wrong-doers would not be deterred in the least…what’s the worst that can happen…a short nap? I hate guns, but law enforcement is hampered enough without taking away the one thing that might stop the dangerous criminals…a bullet…last resort yes, but none the less a real threat to the criminals. It upsets me that the these policemen put their lives on the line for us and we turn around and criticize and prosecute them like criminals. I personally don’t think the majority of police abuse their power…like any other segment of society there are always a few rotten apples. But, let’s not paint the whole of law enforcement with the same brush. I want to be protected too…. from thugs and protesters who think they have a right to loot and disrupt in the name of justice. I guess justice is in the eye of the beholder.
    I don’t mean to offend, R.J., your idea an honest attempt to make this a better world and I commend you for your caring heart. I just don’t think creating yet another weapon is the answer. In fact, looking at the history of mankind, I don’t know if there is any answer at all.


    1. I’m not as ready to give up on mankind as you seem to be Jane. I just don’t believe that the possibility of losing your life is the only possible deterrent to crime. Yeah the bad guy will get up but then he will spend 25 years in jail. I think that is a pretty big deterrent.

      If the purpose of law enforcement is to kill the bad guys then by all means the police should keep that lethal weapon on their hips and ready to use. If a few thousand innocents get killed in the process then we could call just necessary collateral damage I guess. But I kind of believe that enforcing laws and killing the bad guys are not the same thing. At least I hope they are not.

      As my Quaker friends say to extinguish the light of God in anyone is an absolutely grievous sin against God and his purposes. But then I hope you realize that more people are killed by guns than just the thugs and brutes as you call them. We will have to agree to disagree on this one I guess….


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