ISIS has Advanced Surface-to-air Missiles!!


I remember the details of the Vietnam war still today. While my hearing impairment kept me out of it I did lose several good friends to that totally unnecessary war.  One thing I remember is the daily body counts from the DOD of Viet Kong killed. It was acknowledged later that these numbers were grossly over counted.  It seems that the military establishment thought they could get unlimited funds if they show us that the “enemy” was much stronger than it really was. I think that mentality still reigns today inside that pentagon shaped monolith in Washington DC.

The news today is almost 24/7 about ISIS, that is the extreme muslim group determined to reek jihad on the rest of the world. It is impossible to really say outside the DOD spin just how many belong to that group but their hatred of things non-muslim is very obvious indeed. The almost daily beheadings that happen now are meant to strike terror among us and they seem to accomplish that task.  But how much do we need to do to eradicate ISIS?

I’m sure that behind the scenes the Pentagon is asking for trillions of more dollars in their budgets in order to take on these hate-mongers. I am certainly not a military strategist but it seems pretty simple to me. Cut off their source of funding and they will evaporate. Cut off their source of supplies and they will become a toothless old lion. I am afraid that Mr. Obama will eventually give in to those who want us to send in our troops to take them out. If he does he will likely get us into another endless war….

What we should be doing is to find the people or countries that are giving them the missile launchers and retaliate against them. Almost all banking today , including ISIS funding happens electronically so drying up their bank accounts is very doable. We don’t need to get down in the mud with the ISIS gutter mongers, we just need to cut off their sources and they will go away.

I kind of think the same thing is going on with all these terrorist’s groups lately. In my gut, for what that is worth which is nothing, I kind of suspect that ISIS is a pretty small and in terms of power pretty inconsequential. We don’t need trillions of buck to eliminate their effect today. When I read the above “speed read” from my friends at The Week the first thing that I thought of is that we should be spending our resources against those who are funding ISIS instead of its ragtag members.

5 thoughts on “ISIS has Advanced Surface-to-air Missiles!!

  • Unfortunately, this is an occasion the President is listening to his close advisors instead of the Pentagon. Another cabinet member resigned because of it. The military wants out. They see this as a “no win, who are we backing anyway? ” situation. Those apaches are from my base. They are my neighbors.
    I know you don’t see the difference but this Is not a Pentagon war. It is defense contractors and drones directed by the White House. No boots means no scouts. As my son says,”we killed another goat farmer from 10,000 ft and called him a terrorist”. It is becoming an unjust war very quickly. (All war is unjust to those in the middle, but there are still “ethics” in war. )
    Stick to what you are good at Mr President. Get our troops home and keep the economy going in a good direction!


  • RJ,

    Just a touch of perspective on the FN-6 (same as the SA-6. The SA-6 is Russian made and the FN-6 is Chinese.)It ranks just above a large caliber rifle when shot at an aircraft that has some type of missile defense system. Even an older defensive system from the Vietnam era gives the aircraft a major tactical edge.

    But unarmed helicopters and airliners are at risk from the weapon. DHL had a Airbus shot in the summer of 2003 in Baghdad. The airplane did manage to make it back to the airport and landed safely. There was a much less publicized hit on a C-17 about a month later. It was never confirmed which system hit it, and the official line was that it was an more advanced SA-14 or SA-16. It is very possible that one of these missiles were shot at the airplane but it was the only coalition aircraft hit (that I know about) from 2003-2007. I left the service in 2007 and do not have any first-hand information to speak of since.

    When the C-17 was hit, it seemed odd to me that they were the only ones to be hit. I always thought that the C-17 crew simply forgot to turn on their missile defensive system and that was the reason they were hit. Either way, they also continued to fly and returned for a safe landing. There were estimates of tens of thousands of SA-6s in Iraq in 2003. This news report is nothing new, it is not breaking news and it is all hype. The Apache helicopter is highly protected against this and other missiles. All United States aircraft are protected for that matter.

    Keep telling the world the truth. Hopefully someday, we will listen.



    • Thanks for the explanation Rob. It certainly puts this report into perspective. It seems that we are become prime target for terrorists because we are fearful/terrorized by so many things we shouldn’t be.

      A similar example is Ebola. The truth is we in the U.S. will more likely be struck by lightening that to contract that virus but it has so many running to the exits in a panic it seems. But I am glad that CDC has come up with a vaccine that just began testing. It will help all those African countries where it IS a problem.


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