Against Indifference….

canstockphoto17403580I’m not sure if religion is the opiate of the masses, but I’m convinced that indifference is the opiate of the privileged. We turn to it when overwhelmed by the discomfort we feel about our complicity in an oppressed person’s reality. To anesthetize ourselves against their reality, we willfully ingest this opiate and use it as a coping mechanism. After years of the westernized church ingesting unhealthy amounts of indifference, we now experience delusional thoughts which blame the victims of injustice for their suffering. We have contorted scripture to please our ears. Ignoring the words and life of Christ, disregarding the narrative of Israel, and taking Christ’s upside kingdom and attempting to flip it right side up…. What I’m saying is not outside of our given consensual ethic. By no means do I wish to selfishly draw upon my own ethical agenda, but instead to draw upon a traditional morality, emulated in the life of Christ and written in the word we claim as God’s.

SOURCE:  Against Indifference | Andy Gill | Red Letter Christians.

All the words from Andy Gill over at Red Letter Christians ring true to me but the last words I try to think represent me perhaps more so. Yes, I have a personal ethical agenda that I draw from for most of my posts but I would like to believe that my criticisms against today’s church come from drawing from the life of Christ as written in the Word.

When I read the words of Christ I am hit hard center with his empathy for all of mankind and I just don’t see much anything close to his teachings that I take to heart in today’s world or even his church.  It saddens me that so much of what is happening in many churches today is politically motivated. The church was once the social conscience of the country, when did that change?

It saddens me to no end when I see so many in Christ’s church doing and saying things that are the direct opposite of what his messages were. Jesus spent a very long time and a lot of words trying to teach us how to live on this earth and so many just seem to be indifferent to those teachings. What part of “Love God, and Love Each Other” is so difficult for us to learn??

I know we all have what we call sin in us but aren’t the words and messages of Jesus meant to counteract  those sins. As Jesus said “Go and sin no more”. If only we could manage that simple message to even a minute degree everything else would fall into place.

It seems indifference is at the core of what is going on socially in the world today. The rich get grossly richer while safety nets are ripped from the poor. I can only deem this possible due to our indifference.  “I’ve got mine so screw you!” seems to be the mantra of too many sitting in church pews this morning and that tragically saddens me…..

2 thoughts on “Against Indifference….

  1. You and I may be long lost brothers since we often seem to be on the same page. I recently wrote about being stale and feeling at a dead end in my life. As I have tried to analyze why this is, I have come to conclude that, in part, I am dissatisfied with my religious life. I am not putting the words and teachings of Jesus into action. I am not “walking the walk” as people say. My love for the suffering and poor is a distant love. It doesn’t involve actually doing something to help them and become part of the solution. It is a faith that is too sanitized. It is “indifferent” to a degree that is bothering me.

    Thanks, RJ. Your thoughts are helping me put some pieces together.


    1. Bob, I know the feeling as I have been having them too. As a matter of fact starting next Monday I have developed a 15 (yeah 15) part post on this topic. It is what I have gleaned from my month long discernment period ending on this Wednesday.

      Having these types of feeling is a normal process for those of us who live and think outside of ourselves. I have read some amazing articles about Mother Teresa and she went through very similar periods as we have. It is part of a growing period to be dissatisfied once in a while. It is much better than being placidly passive, but of course more painful 🙂 Hang in there, everything will work out….


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