Grandpa Rambo???

2015-01-23_11-49-19After months of speculation, Sylvester Stallone has finally announced the title for the fifth (and seemingly final) “Rambo” movie, “Rambo: Last Blood.”

Stallone will be returning to another familiar franchise this month. He also tweeted that he’s headed to Philadelphia to play Rocky Balboa for the seventh time 

SOURCE: Sylvester Stallone Announces ‘Rambo 5′ Title.

Is there anyone really interested in an almost 70-year-old Rambo? Come on!!  He is older than I am for God’s sake. I wonder how many of the 17-29 year olds will flock to the theatre to watch Rambo 5? I think I can probably count them on my hands.

More likely that it will be us old folks who refuse to accept that they are now the seniors in our country who will put down their bucks.  But then again I can’t even see that one happening.  I must admit that I have never been much of a Stallone fan. I like action in my movies but I also like a little dialog too.

Come on Sly, you have made your millions milking Rambo already! Its time for Rambo to put down his side-arm cannons and let some younger folks play the macho parts. And to top it off as if just Rambo 29 is not enough he want to be known at that 68 year-old Rocky Balboa who won the national boxing title.. Geeez,  I wonder who the suckers are that are putting up the money for these two block-buster movies? Enough already….

One thought on “Grandpa Rambo???

  1. You can’t really blame Sly or any other old actors for taking a well paying job if it’s offered. They stroke their egos AND bring in more bucks. Why not? But why the studios or whoever want to make these movies is the mystery. I imagine that, as always, it’s a case of making money. They wouldn’t do it if they didn’t profit. That being said, I do believe there is a market for a good story with veteran actors who are playing characters of their own age and not trying so hard to prove they are still young. (the British do this pretty well) In general tho, I think it’s sad that there is such a shortage of original ideas for movies and TV. Most of it is just rehash and remake.
    Oh well…they won’t be getting my dollars for Rambo!


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