NYC… The Video

I must admit up front, before it becomes obvious, that I am a novice when it comes to YouTube. This is my first attempt at posting something there and also the first attempt at this new slideshow app.

I’m sure there are plenty of mistakes but that’s how we learn isn’t it?


  1. Oh my, RJ! I have read your RJ’s corner blog for awhile now but somehow missed your other two. Spent some time admiring your photographs tonight and I am so, so impressed. I love your photography. It was so unexpected…. a side of you I have not seen.:-) You are very talented. We bought a new camera a few months ago. One with all the bells and whistles, but I have not yet figured out all the buttons. I would have a long way to catch up with you, but I may give it a try. I, like you, had a career in IT and am a logical left-brainer. Maybe I am not too old for a new hobby and will see if my brain has a right side. Will definitely watch for more pics from you.


    • Hi Judy, I’m glad you discovered my other blogs. Yeah, they show a different side of my right brain. Thanks for the compliments. I am blushing with their magnitude… 🙂

      I got a new camera recently too and am also trying to learn all the new buttons. This DSLR has GPS so will know the exact location for each picture I take. That will make the travelogues on “In search of America” easier. IT does lead to techie things. No, you are never too old for new hobbies. To me that is what stretches your mind and we all need stretching especially in our senior years. Keep pushing that seldom exercised right brain, I think you will even surprise yourself with the joy you can get from that. Come back often and let me know how I am doing…


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