We Are All Damaged Goods…

damaged goodsIn some way or another we are all damaged goods. Yes, we have been enhanced by some life experiences but we are also tainted by others. Whether we will personally admit it or not we all have dark sides. We all have things in our past that we would do differently if we had the chance. In other words we have all had experiences that affected how we look at life.

Too many of my Christian brothers use this fact as a reason to do nothing. The clergy in their pulpits constantly remind them that they are nothing but miserable sinners and God expects nothing from them in their totally rancid condition. They take those words to believe that if they are damaged then all their actions are also damaged. They take the words of the Apostle Paul in a different direction than he, and especially Jesus intended. They use this logic as an excuse for doing nothing to promote God’s love in this world. They throw up their hands and say they can’t do anything to please God so why even try. In fact they believe it really doesn’t matter as he has already reserved a place for them in heaven.

Instead of taking the words of Paul as an excuse to do nothing I cling to the words of Jesus’ brother James when he told us that faith without works is a dead and therefore a worthless faith.  There are just too many that make Christianity a “do nothing” religion. They think if they say the right words they can then sit back and do nothing. They cling to a faith that is very shallow.  They need to come to understand that faith is to be lived everyday of our lives. It is not to be put on a mantle somewhere just to be dusted off and casually view at on an occasional Sunday morning.

The reason Christ wants us to see ourselves as damaged goods is so that we will have compassion on absolutely everyone who we come into contact with. He wants us to love each other unconditionally as he loves us.  He wants us to disregard the smell of that homeless person and treat him with compassion.  He is just damaged in ways other than we are. He wants us to forgive that person who has done us wrong, perhaps even grievous wrong. He wants us to get it out of our mind that we need to kill those who we see as more  damaged than we are.

Being damaged goods is not an excuse to do nothing, instead it is a reason to try to do better and better each day. To become more Christ-like. That is what is expected of us who call ourselves Christians.

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