Parenting 101

I2015-03-16_10-38-11’ve heard it said the best way for Washington to create peace in the Middle East is to stop providing U.N. cover for Israel and eliminate the U.S. money that fuels Israel’s defiant behavior (more than $20.5 billion given just during the Obama administration).

In effect, it’s Parenting 101: Make Israel responsible for its actions….
Toward the end of his diatribe to the GOP, Bibi offered up a simple remedy:“If Iran wants to be treated like a normal country, let it act like a normal country.”Presumably, that would include following international law.

Great plan, Bibi.

Heed it.

SOURCE: War, War, and More War | Greg Barrett | Red Letter Christians.

It should be pretty obvious by now that I am not a great fan of the U.S. relations with Israel. I think we let them get away with too much. If we treated the world as they a regional superpower treat the Middle East we would be chastised by the rest of the world and soon driven out of our world power status.  I know the foundation of this unwavering support goes back to the Christian bible and our thoughts that they are the “children of God” and therefore are to be protected at all costs. I simply don’t align with that belief. I think we are ALL children of God and must love, have compassion, and take care of each other no matter what our nationality, creed, or religious beliefs are. Bibi’s actions just don’t align at all with that strategy. With his recent proclamation that there will never be a Palestinian state while he is in office assures us that in order for there to ever be peace in the Middle East the Israeli voters must tell Bibi he no longer represents their views.

Parenting 101 is a very good description of how we should be dealing with Israel. I certainly agree that they have a right to exist but they do not have a right to make their own rules. It always troubles me when some Palestinian rogue manages to kill one of its citizens that Israel takes the lives of dozens for retaliation. I know Israel doesn’t align with the teachings of Jesus Christ and believes much more about vengeance than it does about brotherhood.

I love the way the above article treats Israel as a child throwing a diatribe and we should treat those actions as their parents. I know Bibi faces a tough election today and I hope that the Israeli citizens remove him from power and replace him with someone less belligerent. The Middle East turmoil that has been so ever-present for the last 20+ years is constantly spurred by the lack of a Palestinian state.  Until we tell Israel to get out-of-the-way of that process there will always be a flavor of  “ISIS” in the future.

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