We All Need A Creative Boost Once In A While…

Creative PhotographerI admit that I struggle with my creativity from time to time. Sometimes it comes in quick spirts  and sometimes I hit long dry spells. I, like most of you I imagine need a creative boost once in a while. To accomplish that I have numerous books on the shelves behind me and in my Kindle to give me some encouragement. The Creative Photographer by Catherine Anderson is one I frequently pull off the bookshelf. It isn’t about the technical aspects of photography but totally focuses on the creative side.

MyScans154I find it fascinating that Catherine started out as a lawyer before she found her creative side.  If you are into photography as I am I highly recommend picking up a copy of this small book. It just might get you moving again. She just might give you a different way to look at what you photograph…

(I have received no compensation from anyone for this endorsement)

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